Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Combining Shops and More!

It is nearing the end of August of 2017.

Most of the children are headed back to School already.

I am trying to decide how to go forward with my shops.

The last few years have been completely an overhaul of most all business online.

I thought for a bit it was just me. Now I know it is absolutely not.

I try to use my instincts in all of this and until last few years it worked well.

Now it is as mysterious as the Solar Eclipse we had yesterday.

It should be very simple.

I have wandered far and wide to gather Vintage and Antique treasures.

Some I shall most likely never part with.

Others I get great satisfaction restoring them by cleaning and bringing them back to life as best as possible. All done without changing the integrity of a piece.

Since 1996 I have been a seller of Vintage.

Some days I would do it all again twice.

Other days it is like, "What were you thinking?"

It is never the stuff.

It is always the changes constantly that these venues I try to sell on decide is fine to throw at the dealers.

Like most everything this makes it 1000 percent harder than something that once again should be very simple.

A perpetual thought process of oh ok, maybe they are done tinkering now.

Then it is nope are they kidding?

Not even sure at this point they understand what they are doing.

Playing around with code to just play around with code?

Sharing the wealth for the new sellers. One can not even make this stuff up or I sure cannot.

So I am going to plug along for a bit longer.  Playing around with shipping cost also so bear with me on this please. I make no money on shipping. I also refund any difference over $2.00.

Vintage Clothing shop on Etsy called GracefulVtgClothing

Honestly I do not know what else to do.

I believe about 3 out of every 5 sellers that sell Vintage currently are in my same position.

Thanks for listening to my current status selling Vintage.

My shop for Vintage Clothing, Sewing and some Jewelry is also still on Etsy.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Hurry Fall and Back to School

It has been a very long time since I attended School.

I always though get Fall fever as soon as that First Back to School rolls around.

Even though it is way too short a Summer for most now IMHO.

I remember we used to start after Labor Day as a child.

Plaid. My mom believed in Plaid for School.

I sort of feel like I am going back to School though as I am moving basically 2 shops to a venue called Artyah.

I always hear and want to say Art Yeah!

I loved Art in School. I wanted to be a Commercial Artist once upon a time.

That or an Interior Decorator.

Somehow I ended up selling Vintage and Antiques.

Life huh.

So along with tons of other items I am adding Fall or Autumn items.

I have decided in building this shop at Artyah that I will include Free USA shipping on all my items.

I will ship international on a case basis if contacted.

Come check my new shop out.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

www.gracefulantiques.com will get you there also.

Vintage Plaid Skirt
Vintage Plaid Dress
Hope everyone has a safe, productive wonderful School year.

May God bless all the Administrations, Faculty and Students.