Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Musical Chairs Vintage Style

Hello all.

As a child my favorite game was Musical Chairs.

This is what I feel like trying to sell my Vintage and Antiques.

About the time you think you have it someone pulls the chair away from you.


I am slowly and hopefully getting to a place to actually be okay with my shops.

In business in real world since 1996 and online since 2002.

Vintage is generally one of a kind and the Pay to Play group wants bulk.

I flat do not have 1000 identical 1950s kitchen bowls or Vintage Polka Dotted dresses or care to for that matter.

Can you catch my drift as they say?

So for right now I am at 2 places online.

Bonanza.com as also Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles.

Short is www.gracefulantiquesvtg.com

Etsy for my Vintage Clothing and Jewelry as Graceful Vintage Clothing

Short is www.gracefulvtgclothing.com

Now I do not know how to do it any differently TBH.

One can follow my experiences here or on Instagram.


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