Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Mellow Yellow Vintage Ramblings


I love vintage glass. This is Indiana Monticello.

I am trying to get a jump on Spring and this bowl reminds me of it.

This is a pretty lemony color. A happy glass bowl that can be filled with all kinds of Spring items.

We had storms last night but all okay this morning.

Spring does not officially start till March 20th.

It was in the 70s yesterday and the cold front came in and now we are in the 60s.

I am sorry but I am already into Spring and so many of my flowers are as well.

Saw on the news the Cherry blossoms in Washington were all in bloom and then a cold front came in.
Quite sad they look now.

Taking my time now with my shops as I am back on Tias.com

I have come full circle and quite loving it to tell the truth.

Still have a vintage clothing shop on Etsy but will mostly be working my Tias one.

I also have one on Bonanza.

Life has taught me to enjoy the flowers and so looking forward to Spring.

After 20 years of selling I have much inventory so look for it to be added here and there or contact me if you saw something and looking for it.

It is a blessing to love vintage and know those who also love vintage.



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