Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Good morning all you lovers of vintage. 
Elsa and I are back from our Winter break and will be adding lots of goodies to both my shops. 
Love spending time with loved ones and hope all of you were able to and had a great Christmas. 
Cannot believe 2017 is upon us. 
Looking forward to a new start as always. 
Will be hitting it hard next week but want to tell all who follow this page and love Vintage and Antiques I appreciate you all.
Thank you, thank you and thank you for helping me be in business for 20 years in 2016.
Time really does fly as they say and I truly love vintage as much today as always.
Due again to factors beyond my control like shipping cost I am always having to reinvent the wheel it seems.
I have been thinking of different strategy as always for 2017.
I confess I hold on to quite a bit of stuff for myself and am going to try to make myself list it.
I said TRY. For many reasons I do not list some things.
My family may want it? It may get harder to find as time goes on.
It is my dream one of my family will take the reins from me one day but so far it is a hmm...
I read many things about collecting vintage on Etsy and have come to the conclusion I find some dealers think like me and some do not at all.
To me I share my treasures and at times it is hard.
Part of it I am sure it is because I had to share so much as a child being from a huge family.
It is not selfishness. It is the opposite as I see it.
I want those that will appreciate the vintage to share it with.
I also utilize and always have my business to glean finances to then use in proper stewardship.
It brings me great joy and I take it very seriously.
Generally it is used to help children most but not always.
Digging for treasures and blessing Gods treasures.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

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