Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vintage I Love You Gearing Up For the Holiday Season

So I may be rediscovering using my blog.
The last few years has seen so much change in my personal and business life.

Things way beyond my control.
I would love to say I now just flow with the changes but I try to flow lets just say.

I can honestly and truly say the one consistent thing in my life is Vintage.

The love of vintage I have is not about the treasures I have rounded up.

It is about my Mother and her lessons in teaching me about quality.

18 10 she would say. 18 10? What do you mean Mom.

This little tidbit of good stainless being 18 10.

So funny and how I wish I could show her all I have learned.

She cooked and I mean cooked a lot. She made bread every single day and wore an Apron every single day.

All by scratch. Never by a recipe unless it was something special.

She made the best Pralines. It is almost on autopilot that when I speak of my business it always makes my mind wander back to her.

Enjoy the beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays upon us.

Love your loved ones. Tell them you love them.

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