Sunday, February 07, 2016

Vintage Rolls Along and So Do I

Hello Blog,

Long time no see. So many changes in life and my vintage business the last few years.
So much tech changes it is very hard to keep up.
Once upon a time there were not 1000s of places to be online.
IMHO this meant all the collectors and lovers of vintage and Antiques were only in several places.

This month I am celebrating my 20th. year in this field.
Till 2002 I did booths and shows in the real world.

I stumbled into online selling in February 2002.

For 10 years I was at one of the oldest online venues out there.
It is
I then went to and other places and I mean other.
At one time I had 7 shops on 7 venues.
I went to first in 2008 and was Exclusive since 2011 there till recently.

In September 2015 I opened on Etsy for my vintage clothing.

It was not the first time I was there.
I had 2 shops there once upon a time but left.

So much like I said has changed at all the venues for vintage and Antiques online and also in the real world.
It is what it is and I try to dance as fast as I can.

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