Monday, January 12, 2015

Love Is Valentines Day Collecting

Being a dealer since 1996 I have probably collected just about everything.
I have always said I am a turtle in the hare and turtle race.
To me the stuff is just getting older.

That said I have to be a bit practical to save my sanity and personal love life.
Most everything I am selling was once upon a time part of my collecting passion.

I love cute and I love beautiful. Cute especially and I owe it to my Mother.
My mother wore aprons every day and I swear also cut cute things out of magazines like puppies, kittens and little children.
When she passed away I found tons of these.
I figure it got her through life. Nothing wrong with that.

So cute it is with my collecting of Vintage Valentine stuff.

Valentine cards, postcards, figurines and anything I go wild about it the first time I see it.

I started collecting postcards at 9 years old and still have them all.

I had a family member that traveled and would send them to me. A little girl out in the country that had not seen anything got to see the world through them.

I always think of beginner collectors and how parents should encourage children to collect.

The most amazing thing about collecting is the passion.

I have it and can pretty much tell immediately who has it by chatting a minute with them.

The eyes light up with keywords like find, vintage, antique, doll, glass, collect.

It is personal what moves the heart. Very, very personal.

All about memories of loved ones and moments lost in time with those loved ones.

Tangible objects, small or large, expensive or not. It does not matter as long as it matters in the heart and mind of that collector.

Each and every time I pass on a treasure I have found I secretly hope it means something to that person and that they truly are vintage lovers.

So maybe that is why I love Vintage Valentines.

I treat myself from time to time. Of course this means I try to sell also to support that.

Love is….

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