Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello Vintage Blog. Long time no see!

Once upon a time I used to blog alot and then one day I accidently deleted it by mistake.
Almost 3 years of postings went poof with all the photos etc. I was sick and livid to say the least.
So I started doing a Facebook business fan page instead.
Now I am tip toeing back here as FB drives me silly at times.

I hope your Christmas Holidays went well and I so look forward to 2015.

2014 hands down was the worst year of my life ever.
Concentrating on a business was an after thought. I lost 3 brothers and an aunt and another aunt currently very ill.

Every time I was able to try to do my business something else would of course be much more of a priority.

I do love my business but life and family is everything to me.

2015 cannot get here fast enough. I just want to say bye to 2014.

I have over 300 vintage items in many categories available in my shop currently but have way much more to add and hopefully next year……

I do my business with precision after being a dealer since 1996 and online since 2002.

I sell Exclusive at Ruby Lane as it is way better to concentrate on one shop.
I used to have 7 so now it is a matter of selling and/or rotating stock as Season or special times roll around.

If you see something and then don't it may be available.
You may ask or wait till certain time of year rolls around again. I am a turtle in a hare and turtle race. Always.

Just want to touch base and test the waters back here on my blog.

Enjoy and Happy New Year.



Little Susie Home Maker said...

Sounds like a very rough year. I can relate. I had recently lost my dad, two aunts, two uncles. Definitely looking for better 2015.
I have thinking about some online sales. Maybe Etsy, but not sure. I haven't looked into Ruby Lane. Thanks for the advise.
Blessings to you.

Jessica Cangiano said...

While I wouldn't say that I loathed 2014 (it did have a few very noteworthy highlights, such as launching my Etsy vintage shop and a fantastic two week trip to Vancouver Island), I didn't exactly love it as a whole either and am eager to usher in 2015.

Here's to the hope that coming year will be significantly better for both of us, dear lady.

♥ Jessica

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles said...

Thank you for your kind words.
May it be a great 2015. Sandy