Monday, October 06, 2014

Autumn or Fall. I love you!

I love Autumn or Fall. I used to live where basically there was one Season. Hot.

Now that I live in a place with 4 actual Seasons I look so forward to this time of year.

We had a year with good rain so the colors should be spectacular soon.

I started and always start getting Fall brain when Schools start back up.

Orange, yellow, golden wheat, reds and plaids. Always plaids.

Decorating of taking the Summer wreath off my door and replacing it with the Fall one.

I like black glass as well as shown above.

I have filled my shop with Fall inventory that will stay on till about a week after Thanksgiving and then crossover with Christmas and Winter offerings.
I love to do Seasonal items and some go away forever when I take them off but some I keep till the following year.

I have been selling online since 2002 and know it is never about my inventory but always about the right one just has not come along yet.

Memories is what steams this Vintage and Antiques love and it is as varied as the person.

Why one reacts to a certain item is all about memories. Their memories.

I confess it always amazes me a bit what does sell and what sits for a bit.

I hope you are all able to enjoy this beautiful Season.

My items can be seen from the links photos on the right of the screen.

My best to you all.


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