Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Antique and Vintage and Repurposing

As a collector since I was 9 years old and vintage and antiques seller since 1996 I have seen many changes.

I am quite fascinated with how the field has changed all these years and to be honest I have been slow to follow suit.

I read Antique Trader magazine and hold on to every word that Wayne Jordan of Behind the Gavel states in there but I sometimes resist what he is stating. Though I know it is all true.

There is a word that has changed it all I think from my research.

The word is Repurpose.

How did this come about with the younger crowd.

My goal in life as a collector was to acquire the beautiful in as pristine condition as possible.

To find deadstock or mint original in box with tags thrilled me to no end.

One day I ran across a Limoges gorgeous plate. I reached excitedly to pick it up only to find it glued solid to a glass base.

Why? My mind could not comprehend this at all. I was horrified.

Now I like some of the items I see repurposed and have no issue whatsoever with taking items that have out lived the original purpose and creatively doing something with it.

Now it has IMHO gone too far to the extreme. Maybe a better statement would be what treasures will be lost due to the mindset of some.

I should not use a blanket statement and do know many still do appreciate true Antiques and Vintage in its original forms but there really does need to be a swing back in the other direction.

It is not just my inventory but seeing it across the board.

Does education of History need to be taught more?

What will be the one thing if anything to turn it around?

I find this all fascinating and find even designers from the 1960s history have been lost or little information about them can be found through old news and such.

Truly boggles my mind. I love research and will spend hours online and in books when I find a new designer or item. Like putting together a zig saw puzzle.

I do hope both worlds of Antiques and Vintage and Repurposing can be both appreciated and work together. When I see the stats for both of them nearing the same I will quit worrying about it  and what will happen to all the treasures I have accumulated over the years.

Graceful Antiques

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