Sunday, August 24, 2014

Business and Unexpected Life Trials

As a vintage and Antique dealer since 1996 in real world and online since 2002 I have never encountered a harder year than 2014.

My business is a huge part of me and I pride myself on customer service and passing on treasures I find.

Till recently I had never thought much about what business folks do when very unexpected emergencies occur.

This is what I put on my Facebook page about my life recently.

My dear customers, friends, business associates. 
I normally never mix my personal life with my business but this year has been difficult beyond words. Started out well but in last 4 months I have lost 3 siblings. The last one very recent and tragically by a drunk driver. My Christian faith is strong and our whole family has forgiven as my sibling would of been the first to do so. 
Please do not drink and drive or let others do so.
Beyond words in my large family the dynamics this one act has changed in our lives. I am sure in the life of the other family as well. We shall all never be the same.
I am taking one day at a time. I appreciate the patience of my customers and am doing my best to serve you all.
If my post on this subject now or in the future will help one soul I am willing to speak.
I covet your prayers, kind thoughts etc. you may offer to this testimony to me and mine.

Sandra K.
Graceful Antiques


I would put my shop on break and about the time I was able to open back up another loss would happen. 

Why do I put this here? 

Because I am now in a new reality. 

To watch these losses occur is one thing but to see the profound ways so many people have to change their life and make arrangements to start to move on is another. 

I had always been sheltered I guess from that part of it all. 

All over the news this story was but not the stories behind THE story. 

Who takes care of the spouse left behind injured? 
How is this paid for? 

Putting my shop on hold is a big thing but small in the scheme of things in relation to the crisis. 

I will move on and recoup my losses last few months and hopefully bring my traffic back up and sales as well but what about those who are profoundly affected. 

Over the years I have seen so many dealers come and go. 

I am just mainly trying to work this all out in some way the senselessness. 

How such a beautiful day with such beautiful plans can change in an instant. 

I am now a supporter of MADD. 

What this will mean for me I do not know. I cannot fix the pain I see in all of us. 

This other person has now entered our lives. Forever. A name out of nowhere that now has a place. We think about them and even pray for them. 

I want to write long books about it all. To try to get the angst out. Somehow, someway. 

Too much loss too quickly behind so much other loss. 

I was able to take time so the orders I received will be handled efficiently as possible. 

Great support from the venue I am on. Kind support. I appreciate it greatly. 

I will think of the great support of others I saw and respect for my sibling and their life and work. 

I will put my eyes once again back on the beautiful objects I sell and have acquired to pass on for others to treasure. 

Please keep this in mind as buyers and sellers. 

We never know what others are enduring at the moment. 

If they have their shop on hold assume there are good reasons in their personal lives. 

I may come back to this and add more. 

Thank you. 


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jenscloset said...

I had a year like that in 1994. Too many lost loved ones, including my best friend/my Mom. I wrote letters to her and poured out my pain, that helped so much. Hugs.