Sunday, July 23, 2017

Graceful Antiques News

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles is now selling on a new venue.

It is called Artyah. I know funny name but it is very exciting.

Photos load almost instantly and I really love it.

I will be combining much of my inventory from both of my shops for this new venture of mine.

Stay tuned.


Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles.

You can arrive to check it out here.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All is well in Vintage Land.

Perspective is everything.

Recently life jerked me back to reality.

I remember how and why I started my business.

Years and years ago my FIL passed away.

He had a small side hobby business repairing TVs and Radios.

The old tube type. When he passed he had lots of old things like schematics.

Lets just say we got taken advantage of.

Right then and there it led up to me deciding to find out about Vintage.

Along of course with other things happening.

I collect, love and try to pass on lovely Vintage and Antiques.

Since 1996 I have officially been a seller and online since 2002.

What a wild ride. At the end of the day it was God that taught me and gave me this great interest and provision for this business of mine.

Currently I have two shops.

One for Vintage Clothing called GracefulVtgClothing and it is currently on Etsy.


I have another one for all else Vintage and Antiques.

It is on the venue Bonanza and named GracefulAntiquesVtg


It should not be very difficult as both these sites have a good message system for any questions needed about items in the inventories.

Thank you.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Airing of the Quilts Greenwood Arkansas

Good morning all. It is a beautiful day in Arkansas.

Today is a day I have waited for awhile to arrive.

Today May 5th. and 6th. is the 8th. Annual Airing of the Quilts in Greenwood Arkansas.

Over 100 Quilts displayed by Master Seamstresses or Quilters.

I love tradition as an Antiques and Vintage dealer.

IMHO it does not get any more traditional then Quilts.

There is also a tearoom.

Last year it was delightful and looking forward to it.

It is in the beautiful Bell Park Pavilion off of Main Street.

It has new items as well as some vintage.

Hope you can attend.

Tomorrow there is also an Art Festival on the walking trails.

Airing of the Quilts Quilt Show

Monday, April 03, 2017

Vintage and Cereal Drive for Children

Trial and Error is part of life. If we never have rain we never appreciate the Sunshine.

I love Springtime. It is all around me.

Easter is late this year on April 16th. but sure could fool me with all the flowers and trees.

I have a double cherry tree loaded with pink blossoms, apple and crabapple trees with white flowers.

My hyacinth just ended and now the huge Snowball plant is getting ready to bloom.

New beginnings everywhere. Little baby lambs and baby colts and calves everywhere.

I am venturing out or should I say back to brick and mortar booth.

Hopefully it will be a 2 way street with the booth and the online shops.

If you follow me on Instagram as OliviaandShae you will see a bit of everything.

Many of my sales over the years have been used by me to help those in need of a bit of help.

Especially children.

Seller since 1996 and online since 2002 God has been good to me with selling the Vintage and Antiques that I love.

Bulldog Breakfast Club

Currently I am hoping to help provide 5000 boxes of Breakfast Cereal and Dry Powdered Milk to feed the children in the Summertime.

That is a lot of children and alot of Cereal needed.

If some nice Organization is out there and sees this and wants to help well.....

I am sure many areas could use something like this and it is a real Blessing to me personally to help with this.

Thanks so much for being such wonderful followers of my shops over the years.

I greatly appreciate it.

GracefulAntiquesVtg My Bonanza Shop

GracefulVtgClothing My Etsy Clothing Shop

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Musical Chairs Vintage Style

Hello all.

As a child my favorite game was Musical Chairs.

This is what I feel like trying to sell my Vintage and Antiques.

About the time you think you have it someone pulls the chair away from you.


I am slowly and hopefully getting to a place to actually be okay with my shops.

In business in real world since 1996 and online since 2002.

Vintage is generally one of a kind and the Pay to Play group wants bulk.

I flat do not have 1000 identical 1950s kitchen bowls or Vintage Polka Dotted dresses or care to for that matter.

Can you catch my drift as they say?

So for right now I am at 2 places online. as also Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles.

Short is

Etsy for my Vintage Clothing and Jewelry as Graceful Vintage Clothing

Short is


Now I do not know how to do it any differently TBH.

One can follow my experiences here or on Instagram.


or on Facebook

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

March Winds Bring Change

March winds and yes we have them where I live here in Arkansas.

Blowing out the old and blowing in the new.

My daffodils are popping up and so are my Hyacinths.

The wild Pear trees all have white blossoms on them.

Spring is coming or trying to anyway.

Selling online if any have followed me it is like a Roller Coaster in this venture.

I now have 1 shops on Etsy venue for now. GracefulVtgClothing

I also am filling up a shop on Bonanza. GracefulAntiquesVtg


Feel free to contact me on any of these sites.

Thank you for all my customers the last 20 years of selling Vintage and Antiques.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Good morning all you lovers of vintage. 
Elsa and I are back from our Winter break and will be adding lots of goodies to both my shops. 
Love spending time with loved ones and hope all of you were able to and had a great Christmas. 
Cannot believe 2017 is upon us. 
Looking forward to a new start as always. 
Will be hitting it hard next week but want to tell all who follow this page and love Vintage and Antiques I appreciate you all.
Thank you, thank you and thank you for helping me be in business for 20 years in 2016.
Time really does fly as they say and I truly love vintage as much today as always.
Due again to factors beyond my control like shipping cost I am always having to reinvent the wheel it seems.
I have been thinking of different strategy as always for 2017.
I confess I hold on to quite a bit of stuff for myself and am going to try to make myself list it.
I said TRY. For many reasons I do not list some things.
My family may want it? It may get harder to find as time goes on.
It is my dream one of my family will take the reins from me one day but so far it is a hmm...
I read many things about collecting vintage on Etsy and have come to the conclusion I find some dealers think like me and some do not at all.
To me I share my treasures and at times it is hard.
Part of it I am sure it is because I had to share so much as a child being from a huge family.
It is not selfishness. It is the opposite as I see it.
I want those that will appreciate the vintage to share it with.
I also utilize and always have my business to glean finances to then use in proper stewardship.
It brings me great joy and I take it very seriously.
Generally it is used to help children most but not always.
Digging for treasures and blessing Gods treasures.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles