Saturday, January 19, 2019

We have snow here in Arkansas today and much of the country as well.
Do not forget to feed the little birds. They will love you for it.

I feed them year round and for that effort get such beauty and delight.

The birds help with the garden and we also have Hawks that come from time to time to get rid of any critters that one does not want in the yard.

Sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea looking out the window at the beautiful birds. 

Friday, January 04, 2019

GracefulAntiquesVtg on Facebook

Hello all you lovers of Vintage and Antiques.

The best way to stay up to date on my shops is from my Facebook business pages.

I am currently doing sales taxes for the year and have added a Valentines Day category to my shop.

Other items will also fit the bill for those you love as I have a wide array of items to choose from.

Stay warm.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Thank you to all those who follow me here and on my other social places. I greatly appreciate your business. GracefulAntiquesVtg

I have been an Antiques and Vintage dealer since 1996 in real world and online since 2002.

The field has had many changes during that time. I do my best to keep up with it all.

Follow me on IG as @OliviaandShae where I tend to put items for both my shops on.

I can also be found with my main page at Facebook.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

I can also be found on my Vintage Clothing Shop here.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Christmas is Coming Vintage is Fun

So I cannot believe it at all but we are rounding out this year soon.

Christmas is upon us soon. My very favorite time of the year.

I am still and hopefully always will be that child waiting for Christmas morn.

I wrote a few years back of how special that Holiday was to me.

Today I want to share some of the great Vintage items available on my shop.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

I have many more wonderful Christmas themed items also on my site.
I have to also add one can find my shop by either going to or by going to

Both links should work to bring me to my shop on Etsy.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Setting the Holiday Table

Of all the hustle and bustle of upcoming Holiday and parties one thing remains the same.

Most all want to set a pretty table for the Holidays.

Many use dishes passed down from past loved ones.

Many have a special bowl or platter that makes them remember that person and memories.

Over the years it has brought me much joy to hear the stories.

Sometimes during the festivities something will be broken.

That is where I come in with the treasures I have gathered.

Sugar bowl? Creamer? Special mug or glass? Replacements are something I love to do as I know how important these treasures can be.

Here are some #Vintage and #Antique pieces you just may be searching for to complete a set or replace what has been broken or lost.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Vintage Fall at GracefulAntiquesVtg

I think Fall is my very favorite time of year.

Not too cold and not too hot. I flat just can think clearer when it is not terribly hot.

I have 3 shops currently online but today I am going to highlight my main one.

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

I have gathered #Vintage and #Antique items for years and years.

I started collecting at an early age.

Currently I am fascinated with Vintage items once made in the USA.

So I am trying to tags these as such in my shop and have started a team also.

#VtgUSATeam is the hashtag for this and slowly building. Would love some help with this.

If the vintage item was #MadeinUSA I am trying to highlight it and the History of the Company.

Many have long gone and many recently went away. Some are still in business.

Selling online since 2002 I have been aware of this especially with glass. Have a lovely day and enjoy the Fall weather.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Recently I went to buy a birthday present for a little one.

I just so happened to forget it was back to School tax free weekend.

Selling vintage and Antiques I tend to live in my own vintage World.

So many people everywhere.

I hurriedly grabbed and left the mass of humans.

It did make me start thinking of School and Fall and remembering.

I still get a bit jealous I cannot go to School. The nostalgia of it of course.

I did though love reading and learning and still do. One never knows all about vintage.

Each time I find a new treasure I have to go on a hunt for just what is this thing?

I now have 3 different shops online and think I will leave it like this till at least the New Year.

I gear up all year but especially during the Summer to find great stuff to put on for the Holidays.

My main shop is at venue Etsy and it is GracefulAntiquesVtg

Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

I then have a vintage clothing shop on venue Etsy.

It is GracefulVtgClothing. I have vintage clothing, vintage jewelry and accessories and vintage sewing and supplies.

Graceful Vintage Clothing